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Will my root canal hurt?

Woman smiling in dental chair | Dentist Chesterfield MOThe root canal procedure has a bad reputation. This is unfortunate because a root canal is actually an excellent way to treat an infection and save a tooth that might otherwise have to be extracted.

Part of the reason why root canals are associated with pain probably has to do with the fact that the infection that causes the need for root canal therapy is often quite painful.

Modern Root Canal Therapy 

With modern tools and techniques, root canal therapy is no more painful or complicated than filling a tooth. Dr. Rahm has performed many root canals and has extensive experience and skill. Your comfort is one of our top priorities, and before beginning your procedure, he will always make sure that you are completely numb and comfortable.

After the procedure, once the anesthetic wears off, you may feel some sensitivity and discomfort. This is due to inflammation and can typically be controlled with over-the-counter medications. This sensitivity should subside in a couple of days, and you will feel like yourself again.

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Dental pain is a sign that something is wrong, and it shouldn’t be ignored. Without treatment, an infection can spread to other tissues and create a serious problem. If you are in pain, please call our office right away so that we can determine the problem and get you the treatment you need.

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