Root Canals in Chesterfield MO

Root Canals | Chesterfield Valley DentalDo you have a tooth that’s sensitive to cold or hot? Does it hurt to chew? These are some indications that you might need a root canal. Root canals have a bad reputation, but they shouldn’t. A root canal may be what’s needed to get rid of that pain and sensitivity you’re experiencing.

Many people dread hearing the words "You need a root canal." But today's root canals are nothing to fear! If you are in need of a root canal, the caring professionals at our Chesterfield, MO dental office can provide root canal treatment with minimal discomfort. The pain of not getting a root canal is far worse!

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Many times, areas of decay (cavities, or dental caries) can be treated with a filling or inlay. But if the decay is left untreated, it can work its way deeper into the tooth, eventually reaching the soft tissue at the center that houses the tooth's roots. When this happens, the tooth can abscess, becoming infected and extremely painful. Endodontic treatment, or the root canal procedure, is a highly successful tool dentists use to restore a tooth with a root infection.

If you have a tooth that is severely affected by decay, a root canal may be your only way to avoid extraction. Dr. Robert Rahm, your dentist in Chesterfield, has years of experience performing root canal procedures that turn a painful, damaged tooth into a functional, comfortable one. We offer state-of-the-art technology for performing root canals at the highest levels. In fact, we use the same equipment and technology as endodontic specialists.

The Root Canal Process

A root canal is indicated when a tooth gets infected because of decay, trauma, cracked teeth, or gum disease. We simply put the tooth to sleep as if we’re fixing a cavity and then go a little further into the tooth (the root) to clean out the infected nerve. Think of it as sterilizing the inside of the tooth.

If a root canal is recommended to save your tooth, you should expect to undergo the following process on your procedure day:

  • We use anesthesia to help you remain comfortable and relaxed during the treatment. An x-ray of the tooth is taken if needed.
  • Dr. Rahm will go into the infected tooth root and gently remove the pulp. The interior of the root canal is cleaned and reshaped.
  • Once the tooth is completely dried, the root canal is filled to help reinforce the tooth and seal the empty spaces.

We often recommend adding a dental crown during your next appointment to “cap” the tooth for maximum durability. Many times, there is not enough healthy tooth left after a root canal to support a filling, and the tooth can become brittle without the blood flow provided by the roots. A dental crown adds structure and strength to your tooth after a root canal and looks completely natural.

Don't Suffer With an Abscess. Treat It With Root Canal Therapy!

If you have a tooth that is troubling you and think you may need a root canal, call our Chesterfield dental office today to schedule an exam. We are happy to accept new patients and will work hard to earn your loyalty.