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Older couple hugging Life is busy, and if you are like most people, your to-do list is full. Because of this, we know that visiting the dentist twice each year for examinations and cleanings can easily fall by the wayside.

But did you know that maintaining your oral health is an essential part of keeping your entire body healthy? More and more studies are showing the link between oral health and systemic health, which means we now know just how crucial it is for you to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

At Chesterfield Valley Dental, we want to help you preserve your healthy smile so you can keep up with your busy schedule. It’s crucial that you come in regularly so we can stay on top of any potential dental issues.

Routine Examinations for Healthy Mouths

Although it might seem tempting to skip regular dental checkups, you can save time by resolving problems while they are still small. When you come in every six months, you give Chesterfield dentist Dr. Robert Rahm the opportunity to observe any signs of cavities or decay and examine the hard and soft tissues of the mouth.

If there is a problem, catching it early on means treatment is quicker, easier, and less expensive. Treating a small cavity today is much better than needing a full root canal tomorrow!

It’s also vital that Dr. Rahm examines your gums. Gum disease often presents with no symptoms whatsoever, and many people are unaware that they even have it. Because gum disease is one of the most common causes of tooth loss in adults, it’s critical that it be identified in its earliest stages when it is more treatable.

If you have already noticed a bit of blood when you brush or floss, this is an indicator that you might have early-stage gum disease, also known as gingivitis. Gum disease won’t go away on its own; you must get treatment to prevent it from getting worse.

Professional Cleanings for Optimal Oral Health

If you are a diligent brusher and flosser, you might be wondering why you need to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Isn’t good home care enough?

Couple smiling on couch Unfortunately, it’s not.

Your toothbrush and dental floss cannot reach all of the nooks and crannies of your mouth. Everyone gets plaque—even those who brush and floss at home regularly. Over time, the plaque that is left behind hardens into tartar. The only way to remove tartar is with the special dental instruments your dental hygienist uses. If tartar isn’t removed, it can eventually cause cavities or gum disease to develop.

A professional teeth cleaning will also polish your teeth, getting rid of any surface stains and making your mouth feel clean and fresh.

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Don’t let routine dental care take a backseat when you’re busy. Good oral health is important to keep your entire body well—and able to keep up with your active lifestyle. Give us a call to schedule an appointment!