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Top 3 Myths About Root Canals

February 17, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Robert Rahm
Root Canal Therapy | Chesterfield MO

There is nothing like the words “root canal” to send fear into the hearts of dental patients everywhere. The truth is, however, that there is a lot of needless anxiety surrounding root canal treatment. Getting a root canal is actually a good thing because it can save your tooth from possible extraction.

Before you believe all the bad press surrounding root canals, let’s take a look at the myths about this dental procedure.

Myth 1—Getting a Root Canal Is Painful

One of the primary reasons for getting a root canal in the first place is because a tooth is causing a lot of pain—usually an infection in the tooth root. The pain from this condition is far worse than any pain that will be felt during the root canal treatment. In fact, with a local anesthetic, you won’t even feel the root canal being performed. And the pain from your tooth will be over once the root canal is.

Myth 2—You Will Need Several Appointments to Complete Root Canal Therapy

Getting a root canal will just take one or two appoints with your dentist. A lot will depend on how extensive the infection is and the difficulty level with your particular case. Placing the crown on your remaining tooth structure to strengthen it after the root canal isn’t technically part of the root canal itself.

Myth 3—The Benefits of a Root Canal Are Short-Lived

Some people are under the impression that the benefits of a root canal don’t last long afterward. Patients could potentially have the treated tooth break in the months after a root canal was performed—if a proper restoration was not placed on the remaining tooth structure. With a root canal, the nerve is removed from the tooth, ending blood flow to the area. This causes the tooth to become brittle. It is for this reason that a crown is usually placed on the tooth—to strengthen it and to protect it from breaking.

Don’t let unfounded fears of root canal therapy prevent you from getting the treatment you need. Dental pain is never normal! Give us a call if you suspect you might need a root canal.

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