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What You Don’t Know About Root Canals Could Be Hurting You

November 25, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Robert Rahm
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Most people would agree that root canals are probably the most feared dental procedure around. The truth is, though, that they are also the most misunderstood of all the dental procedures.

What many people don’t realize is that a root canal from your Chesterfield dentist is a good thing: A root canal can save your tooth from extraction. The fact is, what you—and most people—don’t know about root canals might actually be hurting you!

Root Canals Can Be Quick and Painless

Many people associate the pain of a toothache with the root canal procedure. But the pain of a toothache is actually something that will be relieved the root canal. The root canal procedure is painless. Your dentist will numb the area before treating it. In fact, today’s root canals are really no worse than getting a simple dental filling!

Getting a root canal will just take one or two appointments with your dentist. The procedure will be done in one appointment, but you may need to go back to the dentist for a crown. The crown is necessary after a root canal to strengthen the remaining tooth structure.

The Long-Lasting Benefits of a Root Canal

Unless the dental crown placed on a tooth after root canal wasn’t done properly, the restoration should last a good long time. The benefits of the root canal itself will last indefinitely.

On the other hand, not getting the root canal can also have permanent results—that of losing a tooth.

Don’t let what you don’t know about root canal therapy keep you from getting one when you need it! Remember that dental pain is never normal! Give us a call if you suspect you might need a root canal in Chesterfield.

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