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What is the role of a general dentist?

Dentistry comes in various forms and specialties, all working to help keep your teeth healthy and strong. General dentistry in Chesterfield, MO, covers the essential services that form the foundation of good dental care. At Chesterfield Valley Dental, the role of our general dentist is to monitor and maintain your teeth and gums at regular intervals.

The monitoring portion of general dentistry involves a dental exam that Dr. Rahm performs during each visit. The primary method by which your dentist maintains your oral health is through professional teeth cleaning procedures. We will most likely perform these services as a package during your routine visits to our dental office.

Your Chesterfield General Dental Services

Dr. Rahm emphasizes regular dental exams to help us resolve emerging problems while still minor. For example, our expertise allows us to uncover the signs of tooth decay by careful examination, and we can also diagnose the early stages of gum disease, known as gingivitis.

If we do find a problem with your teeth or gums, we can provide treatment that is more straightforward while being also less expensive. For example, a tooth-colored filling may ideally resolve a tooth cavity when small. Still, neglect of tooth decay could lead to more painful conditions, such as a tooth root infection that may require root canal therapy or even extraction.

While you provide daily teeth maintenance when you brush and floss, many areas of your teeth are difficult for you to reach yourself. Over time, these trouble areas can become overwhelmed with plaque-causing bacteria that become more and more difficult to extricate. But when you visit regularly, our dental hygienists can remove much of that accumulation using special dental instruments and their considerable skills.

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