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Do you offer BOTOX® for TMJ headache relief?

Nearly everyone experiences an occasional headache, but it's usually easy to find relief with over-the-counter pain medications. If you wake up every day with a headache accompanied by pain and soreness in your jaw, neck, or shoulders, however, you may have the teeth grinding habit that we call bruxism.

BOTOX in Chesterfield

Fortunately, many dentists offer therapies like night guards to minimize grinding and clenching that damages your teeth and places added stress on your TMJ or jaw joint. But did you know that BOTOX for headache relief in Chesterfield, MO helps alleviate these symptoms in many cases?

Habitually clenching and grinding your teeth stresses the muscles in your jaw and can become painful. As the pain spreads to other muscles on the sides and top of your head, you develop a toothache. The symptoms of teeth grinding and TMJ pain range from mild to debilitating. But many patients in Chesterfield, MO have discovered the benefits of BOTOX® injections to relieve their TMJ pain and headaches. Given every three months, BOTOX® helps minimize the frequency and severity of these painful symptoms.

Let Us Provide the Headache Relief You Need

You can’t enjoy your best quality of life when you are always in pain. Dr. Robert Rahm and his dental team would be happy to meet with you to explain the benefits of choosing BOTOX® to help relieve TMJ headache pain.

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