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How do I care for a dental crown?

Dental Crown | Chesterfield MODental crowns are an excellent solution for patients who have had a tooth with substantial decay, or a crack, or fracture. Because the dental crown fits over your remaining tooth, it can come off if you're not careful about the foods you or if you are not using proper brushing and flossing techniques. Here's what you should know about caring for dental crowns in Chesterfield, MO.

Avoiding certain hard or sticky foods will help you prolong the life of your crown. Here are some culprits:

  • Popcorn
  • Hard candies
  • Raw vegetable (carrots or celery)
  • Caramel
  • Sticky or gummy candy
  • Gum

It is also not a good idea to chew on ice as it can fracture your crown and your natural teeth.

Home care for dental crowns

Sticking to an excellent home care routine is critical when you have a dental crown. You should be brushing at least twice per day and flossing at least once. When you floss, be careful not to get the floss stuck under your tooth, instead slide it gently along the side of it. Pulling the floss straight up could cause your crown to pop off.

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Regular checkups will also help you maintain not only the health of your crown but also the rest of your smile. Contact our Chesterfield, MO dental clinic to schedule an appointment.

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