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What are the advantages of tooth-colored fillings?

The most obvious advantage of tooth-colored fillings is that they are the same shade as your teeth! This means that once they are placed, they will blend in with the surrounding enamel. Nobody will know that you have a filling; they will only see a great-looking smile. Because the composite material used in fillings looks so natural, it is often used to make small cosmetic repairs, such as filling in chips or covering areas of discoloration.

Improved Bonding With Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Tooth-colored fillings have other advantages, too. Unlike amalgam (metal) fillings, which require an “anchor” to be created in your tooth, tooth-colored fillings bond directly to the tooth structure. This means that we don’t have to remove as much healthy tooth structure to place the filling. The bond between the composite resin filling and the tooth also restores most of the original strength of the tooth.

Fewer Loose Fillings

Metal fillings, like any other metal, respond to temperature fluctuations by expanding and contracting. Over time, this can cause the filling to become loose. In some cases, it can even cause damage to the tooth. If the filling becomes loose, bacteria can get in and cause damage and decay underneath the filling. Composite fillings help you avoid this problem.

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