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The Truth Behind 5 Common Dental Misconceptions

December 31, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Robert Rahm
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There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about dentists and dentistry. Many of these myths actually keep patients from seeing the dentist on a regular basis, which can lead to bigger problems. Here are some of the common misconceptions we often hear, and your Chesterfield, MO dentist shares the truth.

You Don't Need to Floss If You Are Brushing Twice a Day

Untrue! Brushing consistently twice every day is important, but it doesn't protect your teeth from the decay and cavities that can develop in between your teeth. Only flossing can do this.

I Don't Need to See the Dentist if My Teeth Look and Feel Fine

False! The best time to schedule with your dentist is when your teeth feel fine. General dentistry such as cleanings and exams help detect concerns such as tooth decay or gum disease early on. 

If you wait to see the dentist until your teeth hurt, it is likely that the damage has already been done, and you could be facing bigger and more costly problems.

I Shouldn't See the Dentist While I'm Pregnant

Having regular dental checkups during pregnancy is completely safe and very important. The hormones you experience during pregnancy actually contribute to issues like pregnancy gingivitis, which is an early stage of gum disease and should be closely monitored while you're pregnant. Your dentist may recommend additional cleanings and exams during your pregnancy to help monitor and protect your oral health.

Baby Teeth Are Not Important Because They Fall Out Anyway

Your child's baby teeth play a critical role in their development. From helping them navigate solid foods to learning to talk, baby teeth have a number of important jobs. Believe it or not, they are also holding space for adult teeth and serve as their guides, so it's important to keep your child's baby teeth clean and healthy.

Teeth Whitening is Unsafe

Under the supervision of your dentist, whitening your teeth is completely safe and doesn't harm your enamel.

Do you have additional myths you'd like to bust? Contact your team at Chesterfield Valley Dental today for helpful and truthful answers to all of your dental questions.

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