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Hola from Santo Domingo!

June 24, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Robert Rahm
Implant Dentist | Chesterfield St. Louis

Two weeks ago, I spent several days in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on a missionary trip to place implants on those who were in need.

This was the culminating weekend to my five-weekend implant continuing education course which I began in late January. Many of my patients heard me talking about my quick weekend trips to Chicago or Washington, D.C. to attend this course. Between the lecture, hands on, and final trip to Santo Domingo, I completed over 90 (yes, 90!) hours of continuing education focused on implants in just five months. To help put that in perspective, as a dentist in Missouri, only 50 hours of continuing education are required over a two year period. I have now completed a total of over 120 hours of continuing education focused only on Implants!
So why did I put the time and effort into extensive dental implant training? Although I've already been placing implants for a few years now, I saw such a benefit to my patients that I wanted to further my training to allow me to place them in almost all situations and to do more complex cases. I really enjoy this aspect of dentistry and wanted to offer my patients the best experience in replacing their missing teeth.
The added benefit of this particular course was the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic and place implants on patients in need. For two and a half days, I partnered with another dentist to take turns placing implants. I was fortunate to be able to place 21 implants during that time. An added bonus was being able to assist my partner while she placed 20. The first two days were long as we spent 12 hours a day on our feet. But, it was worth it. We gained incredible experience and provided a great service to the people there. I was also recognized by the International Dental Implant Association for the hours of extra dental implant training I received.
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