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Cosmetic Issues We Can Fix With Dental Crowns

December 28, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Robert Rahm
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You may have heard about dental crowns being used for such repairs as to cover a tooth that has a very large filling or to strengthen a tooth that has had a root canal done. But dental crowns are also used for cosmetic issues. Dental crowns will not only improve the look of a tooth, but it will make it stronger and protect it from further problems.

Let’s take a closer look at how we use dental crowns at our Chesterfield, MO, practice to fix cosmetic issues with your smile.

Cosmetic Reasons You Might Need a Dental Crown

  • A crown is needed to protect a broken tooth.
  • A crown is needed to restore a worn or misshapen tooth.
  • A crown is needed to finish off a dental implant.
  • A crown is needed to cover a badly stained tooth.

The Dental Crown Procedure

There are several steps involved in placing a crown, and patients will usually require two visits to the dentist office to complete the procedure.

First, Dr. Robert Rahm will prepare the tooth, removing the outer portion to make room for the crown. Then an impression is made so we can send it to the lab for fabrication of a crown that will fit perfectly.

Patients will get a temporary crown in the meantime. The temporary crown might mean your tooth is a bit more sensitive to hot and cold. Although the temporary is strong enough to withstand chewing, patients should be cautious to avoid knocking it loose. It’s probably a good idea to avoid chewing gum or eating foods that are sticky.

When the permanent crown is ready, you will return to our office. Dr. Rahm will place the crown, make adjustments to it until you can bite down comfortably, and then cement it into place.

Contact Us for More Information on Dental Crowns

If you think a dental crown might help with your cosmetic issue, contact our Chesterfield, MO dental practice!


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