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How does a dental bridge work?

Happy Dental Patient | Dental Bridge Chesterfield MO If you are struggling with teeth that are failing or missing, a dental bridge can be an ideal solution for replacing one or multiple adjacent missing teeth. A bridge uses porcelain crowns that will anchor to two healthy teeth on either end and support prosthetic teeth in the middle designed to fill the gap.

Your bridge is a fixed appliance, which means it is permanently placed and customized with high-quality ceramic porcelain that is blended to complete your smile seamlessly. The key to supporting the longevity of your dental bridge in Chesterfield, MO is to keep your anchor teeth healthy and clean with consistent daily brushing and careful flossing.

Dental bridge using dental implants

Your dentist can also use dental implants as anchors for a dental bridge, which allows patients with multiple missing teeth to enjoy the benefits that implants offer such as keeping your jawbone healthy by stimulating it as a natural root would. This also promotes longevity for the bridge.

If you would like to learn more about your options for restoring one or more missing teeth, Dr. Rahm is happy to discuss them with you during a consultation. Contact Chesterfield Valley Dental a call today to arrange a convenient time for your appointment.

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