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What Happens When You Don’t Get That Cavity Filled?

Patient Getting Cavity Filled | Chesterfield MO Dentist

You probably never even noticed it: a speck of decay on one of your back molars. You have been putting off regular visits to the dentist because it is just too difficult to fit one more thing into an already busy schedule.

The next thing you know, you have an excruciating toothache that is getting more painful every day. Soon, you cannot stay away from what you have been avoiding: a visit to the dentist. Chances are, your Chesterfield, MO dentist is going to have treatment recommendation for you: a root canal. All because you didn’t get that cavity filled back when it was a microscopic spot on your tooth.

When ...

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Got the Midafternoon Munchies? 3 Reasons to Resist

Tooth Brush | Chesterfield MO Dentist

You're sitting at work when you find yourself thinking of those bagels that were delivered to your office this morning. Maybe you should grab a half of one for an afternoon snack? You resist the urge for another half an hour, but now you're finding it hard to concentrate. You end up heading for the bagel and eating half, which turns into the whole thing as you get involved in a conversation with your co-worker.

If you often reach for that afternoon snack, you're not alone. In fact, data out of the UK suggests that many people snack mid-morning and afternoon and that it's actually having a negative impact on your ...

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Dental Implants: A Long-Term Investment in Your Health

Dental Implant | Chesterfield MO Dentist

Missing teeth that are not replaced are a problem—and not just something that is detrimental to the way your smile looks. Missing teeth can also make it difficult to chew your favorite foods. Missing teeth can also lead to more tooth loss.

At Chesterfield Valley Dental, our first choice for replacing missing teeth is always dental implants. Dental implants are often referred to as the “gold standard” for teeth replacement because they offer the form and function that is closest to what you had with your natural teeth.

If you are dealing with one or more missing teeth in Chesterfield, MO, find out more about dental implants and why this ...

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Cosmetic Dentistry—How a Beautiful Smile Can Be a Life-Changer!

Smiling Dental Patient | Chesterfield MO Dentist

It might sound overly dramatic to think about how a perfect smile can change your life, but it’s true. Sure, a beautiful smile can give you more self-confidence, but did you know that straight, white teeth can help your oral—and overall—health?

Give Dr. Robert Rahm at Chesterfield Valley Dental a call to find out what cosmetic dentistry treatments in Chesterfield, MO might be able to change your life for the better!

What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do for You

People who are proud of their smile, love to show it off. People who are proud of their smile, tend to take better care of their teeth. People who take better care of ...

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The Problem with Your Child's Juice Box

Smiling Children | Chesterfield MO Dentist

Sending that apple juice box in your child's lunch every day isn't a bad thing, right? After all, apple juice is healthy – isn't it?

Unfortunately, there is a problem with your child's juice box, and here is what you should know.

Juice and Sugar

Many parents are surprised to learn that most fruit juices contain just as much sugar as soda. Fruit juice is typically marketed as "health food," which is misleading for many parents who regularly give their children juice boxes or their babies juice in their bottles.

As a double whammy, citrus juices like orange juice and lemonade are also very acidic, which contributes to the breakdown of tooth enamel and ...

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Root Canals: They Are Not as Bad as You Think!

Fearful Dental Patient | Chesterfield MO Dentist

Undoubtedly, the root canal is one of the most feared dental procedures around. The truth is, much of this fear is unfounded. Especially with today’s modern dentistry and sedation options, the pain of a toothache that brings you into the dentist is far worse than anything you’ll feel during—or after—root canal therapy.

So if you are in pain and are fearing a diagnosis of “root canal treatment,” you should know they are not as bad as you think. And you will likely be able to save an infected tooth to boot!

If you have questions about root canals or cosmetic dentistry, don’t hesitate to contact Chesterfield Valley Dental!

Saving a Tooth ...

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When You Should Call Your Dentist about a Toothache

Patient With Toothache | Chesterfield MO Dentist

Tooth pain is a sneaky thing. It might start out as something you barely notice, and before the day is through, it’s progressed into a throbbing nightmare. That is why we recommend you contact us, your dentist in Chesterfield, MO at the first sign of trouble.

Not every toothache will require an emergency dental visit, but talking it over with one of our helpful staff will determine if it’s time to come in to see us. 

When a Toothache Is an Emergency

Pain is your body’s way of asking for help, but there is a big difference between annoying sensitivity and a pulsing toothache. You don’t have to make this decision ...

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