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Smile Gallery: Crowns and Bridges

Restore and Replace Using Crowns and Bridges

At Chesterfield Valley Dental we can use dental crowns and bridges to restore or replace missing teeth. When a tooth becomes either damaged with decay or a crack or has a cosmetic flaw such as discoloration, a dental crown can often fix it all at once! Dental crowns are custom-made and blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural teeth.

Dental bridges are used to replace a single or several missing teeth. Bridges use dental crowns placed adjacent to the gap to anchor down the replacement teeth. Like dental crowns, bridges are custom designed to blend in with the surrounding teeth giving a beautiful cosmetic boost!  

Crowns & Bridges Before & After Pics

Both crowns and bridges can help solve countless dental problems both for restorative and cosmetic purposes. Take a look at some of the amazing restorations Dr. Rahm has been able to provide to his patients using crowns and bridges. Contact Chesterfield Valley Dental at (636) 274-6390 to learn more and to schedule!

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