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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Root Canals

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We are always happy to answer your questions and make sure you are informed and comfortable with every aspect of your dental care. To save you time, we've listed some of the questions we hear most often. If you have a question not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

Root Canals

smiling patient | root canal therapy chesterfield moDr. Rahm is happy to provide endodontics in Chesterfield, MO for patients who may have an infected or damaged tooth. Also known as root canal therapy, endodontics removes diseased or infected tissue from inside your tooth, which allows you to keep your natural tooth structure. This process can be completed from start to finish at Chesterfield Valley Dental. 

What to expect with a root canal

Because your comfort is our primary goal, Dr. Rahm does everything he can to ensure that your root canal goes smoothly and is pain-free for you. Your tooth and the area around it will be numb so that you won't feel a thing, and the dental anesthetic will also relieve the discomfort caused by your infection right away. Dr. Rahm is highly skilled and gentle, and he has performed hundreds of root canal procedures for patients, so you can rest assured you're in good hands.

Once your root canal is completed, Dr. Rahm may also recommend that you restore your tooth with a permanent filling or crown as it's been temporarily sealed with filling. This will provide you with all the function you had in the past and ensure you can eat and chew with ease. 

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If you have additional questions about your treatment or the process of completing a root canal, contact Dr. Rahm at Chesterfield Valley Dental today.

Only a dentist can determine whether a root canal is necessary. There are, however, certain signs and symptoms that can point toward root canal therapy as an appropriate therapy.

One ofman holding jaw in pain | Dentist Chesterfield MO the most notorious of these is, of course, pain. The pain caused by an infection inside the tooth is obvious and insistent. Some patients describe this pain as “electric” in nature. If you are in pain, please call our office right away so that we can get you in for an emergency appointment. 

While pain is common, you can still have a problem that requires root canal therapy and not experience pain.

Signs a root canal is necessary

  • Sensitivity in the tooth
  • Darkening of the tooth
  • A pimple-like lesion on the gums

Sometimes there aren’t any external symptoms, but the problem is identified at a routine visit during x-rays. This is one of the reasons why keeping up with regular examinations is so important. Catching problems early can help you avoid pain.

If root canal therapy is appropriate, Dr. Rahm will discuss this with you and make sure that you have all the information you need to make decisions about your dental care. We are here to answer any questions and concerns you might have.

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If you have recently damaged a tooth or you are experiencing any symptoms that might point to an infection, please call our Chesterfield dental office today.

Woman smiling in dental chair | Dentist Chesterfield MOThe root canal procedure has a bad reputation. This is unfortunate because a root canal is actually an excellent way to treat an infection and save a tooth that might otherwise have to be extracted.

Part of the reason why root canals are associated with pain probably has to do with the fact that the infection that causes the need for root canal therapy is often quite painful.

Modern Root Canal Therapy 

With modern tools and techniques, root canal therapy is no more painful or complicated than filling a tooth. Dr. Rahm has performed many root canals and has extensive experience and skill. Your comfort is one of our top priorities, and before beginning your procedure, he will always make sure that you are completely numb and comfortable.

After the procedure, once the anesthetic wears off, you may feel some sensitivity and discomfort. This is due to inflammation and can typically be controlled with over-the-counter medications. This sensitivity should subside in a couple of days, and you will feel like yourself again.

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Dental pain is a sign that something is wrong, and it shouldn’t be ignored. Without treatment, an infection can spread to other tissues and create a serious problem. If you are in pain, please call our office right away so that we can determine the problem and get you the treatment you need.

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