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How to Practice Self-Care After a Tooth Extraction

Tooth Pain | Chesterfield MO Dentist

We never want to extract a tooth, but in some cases it is necessary. For example, wisdom teeth can often cause problems with the rest of the teeth in your mouth if they are not pulled. In other cases, a tooth that is dead or problematic for another reason needs to be extracted to preserve the health of your other teeth.

If you are facing extraction—particularly those requiring oral surgery—your Chesterfield, MO dentist Dr. Robert Rahm has the expertise to make the procedure go as smoothly as possible. It’s also important to know how to care for the extraction site once you leave our office to promote fast, healthy healing.

Here are ...

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You Might Need Oral Surgery—And Here’s Why

Oral Surgery | Chesterfield MO Dentist

The prospect of oral surgery can be daunting, and Chesterfield, MO dentist Dr. Robert Rahm doesn’t recommend it lightly. There are situations, however, that warrant oral surgery. Here are some of the signs that it might be right for your situation.

Gum Disease

If your gum disease has reached the point where your gums have started to recede, you might need surgery to restore your gum tissue. It’s important to address gum disease; according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost half of all American adults are suffering from gum disease. When it’s caught in its early stages, it is highly treatable. But when it has progressed, surgery might ...

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The Problem with Your Child's Juice Box

Smiling Children | Chesterfield MO Dentist

Sending that apple juice box in your child's lunch every day isn't a bad thing, right? After all, apple juice is healthy – isn't it?

Unfortunately, there is a problem with your child's juice box, and here is what you should know.

Juice and Sugar

Many parents are surprised to learn that most fruit juices contain just as much sugar as soda. Fruit juice is typically marketed as "health food," which is misleading for many parents who regularly give their children juice boxes or their babies juice in their bottles.

As a double whammy, citrus juices like orange juice and lemonade are also very acidic, which contributes to the breakdown of tooth enamel and ...

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When You Floss Be Sure to Do It Right!

dental floss | top dentist chesterfield mo

Most people know that they should be flossing every day at least once. But it is estimated that a mere 30 percent of Americans floss their teeth every day, and as many as 32 percent say they don’t floss at all, according to an article published in US News & World Report.

In addition to brushing and visiting a family dentist, flossing is an essential part of your oral health care. A toothbrush is simply not effective in removing food particles that are stuck between teeth. Flossing not only removes food that might be stuck but it also helps get rid of plaque that forms between teeth and ...

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Questions to Ask Your Dentist: A Checklist

Questions for Dentist | Chesterfield MO Dentist

Your oral health is important!

Your dental provider is a part of your healthcare team, and you should feel comfortable asking the questions you need to in order to have the knowledge and tools for optimum oral health.

Here are some common questions and answers from your family dentist in Chesterfield, MO.

How Often Should I Have a Checkup and Cleaning?

For most patients, a six-month cleaning and checkup is sufficient to maintain excellent oral health. Patients managing gum disease may need additional cleaning appointments throughout the year to help keep their condition under control.

When Should My Child First Visit the Dentist?

At Chesterfield Valley Dental, Dr. Rahm likes to begin seeing children ...

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Proper Flossing Technique—or How to Floss Like a Boss!

Family Dental Care | Chesterfield Valley Dental

When it comes to taking good care of your teeth and gums, flossing regularly is just as important as brushing. Too many people skip this all-too-important step when they are taking care of their oral health.

Make sure you are doing all you can to protect the health of your mouth by flossing at least once every day. Here’s what your Chesterfield Valley, MO, dentist recommends as far as proper flossing technique.

The Right Way to Floss Your Teeth

Your toothbrush cannot reach everything, so flossing is necessary to get rid of food particles that get stuck under your gumline and between your teeth. Not flossing can lead to plaque buildup which can ...

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Taking Care of Yourself After Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery Care | Chesterfield Valley Dental

If you find yourself facing oral surgery, you might be concerned about taking care of the site post-surgery. Whether you had oral surgery for placement of dental implants or for tooth extraction, such as wisdom teeth, there are a number of tips you can follow to ensure your post-oral surgery care promotes healing.

If you are facing oral surgery in Chesterfield, MO, you should take the following steps toward a good recovery.

What to Do After Oral Surgery

In most cases, if you follow instructions, you will heal quickly and without complication. Follow these instructions:

  • Immediately after the procedure, prop your head with pillows when lying down to keep swelling and bleeding ...

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